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How to Effectively Increase Sales of Used Medical Equipment Posted Online

Many professionals in the used medical equipment industry are actively using online marketplaces to expand their sale distribution channels. These marketplaces can be an excellent means of expanding sales; however, in order to successfully sell inventory online, sellers must know the difference between effective and ineffective listings.

If you go onto any online marketplace, you can quickly recognize which listings attract buyers and which don’t - chances are that you will only open up the postings of items which were created effectively and completely overlook all others. The same applies for used medical equipment postings - sellers that want to successfully sell their used medical equipment online, should be familiar with the parameters that set apart an effective listing from an ineffective one, because ultimately effective listings will increase opening rates and sales.

MedWOW.com - a leading global marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment, is popular amongst medical equipment buyers because of the comprehensive information contained in the listings posted on the site. MedWOW advises sellers with the following posting tips to increase their sale rates on the site:

· Don’t just fill in the mandatory fields

The more information that your posting contains, the greater the chances are that buyers will look at it, and ultimately purchase it. If you have information available to complete the optional fields, it will only be in your best interest to include it when posting. By doing so, you will receive less inquiries requesting additional information about the item and more inquiries from buyers that are actually ready to buy.

· Include prices in your listings

Listings with prices have significantly higher opening rates. Buyers are often deterred from requesting prices from sellers, as it can slow down the process. Additionally, listings without prices can give the impression that the item is overpriced. If you are not sure what the price of your item should be, you may search for similar items posted on MedWOW and see the prices requested for items such as yours.

· Write an item description
Include as many details as possible, such as technical specifications. If possible, write a description in English, as well as in your local language, and include descriptions in any other language that you may know.

· Upload images

Postings with images have a significantly higher opening rate, and therefore have a greater likelihood of being sold on MedWOW. It is recommended that you upload pictures of the actual item and not pictures that you have downloaded from the Internet. Buyers are interested in viewing images that accurately represent the actual item that is being sold rather than a catalog picture.

· Agree to have inspections performed on your item

By agreeing to have inspections performed on your item, you are only increasing your credibility with buyers. Buyers feel more protected knowing that they can have an inspection performed on an item prior to purchasing it.

· Respond promptly to buyers’ requests

By responding promptly to buyers’ requests (e.g. questions, image requests, negotiation requests, quote requests), you will only increase your chances of selling to the buyer. If you put off responding to a buyer’s request, chances are that they will purchase the item from another seller.

· Promote your items

Request a promotion for your item(s) in the locations that you are interested in selling to, and MedWOW will send out a notification about your item(s) to thousands of registered and unregistered potential buyers.

Sell, Donate, Trade Inn or Recycle Your Used Hospital Equipment

Disposing of Your Used Hospital Equipment

There are a variety of options available to dispose of your health facility’s unwanted or surplus medical equipment. Whether you have replaced a device with a newer model or because it is inoperative beyond repair, it is important to find the most practical way to dispose of it while still taking into consideration factors such as local disposal regulations, your facility’s disposal procedures, your time, the financial value of the device, and any other factors that play a role in the device’s disposal.

Choosing the best option to dispose of an item may not always be easy. Therefore, the following can help you determine which route is most effective for your facility to dispose of your used and second hand hospital equipment.

Sell Used Hospital Equipment

  • Selling used hospital equipment is an excellent method that saves your facility money while also clearing your used or surplus equipment.

  • There is a huge market for selling pre-owned medical equipment, especially when selling internationally to facilities looking to buy used hospital equipment.

  • Some facilities and countries only buy used hospital equipment, as they simply do not have the budget to purchase new equipment, which can be significantly more expensive.

  • You can arrange to have a buyer uninstall a device the same day that the new device is scheduled to be installed in your facility.

  • MedWOW offers an easy online platform to buy and sell used hospital equipment. One popular way of selling second hand hospital equipment on the site is through its medical equipment auctions.

Sell your used, surplus, or unwanted hospital equipment on MedWOW

Donate Second Hand Hospital Equipment

  • Donating second hand hospital equipment to charitable organizations is another method to dispose of your equipment while improving the level of healthcare for other communities.

  • Only donate equipment that is operational or can be repaired - devices that are inoperative beyond repair will not be of use to the recipient, but rather pose a burden.

  • When donating equipment, ensure that you include all accompanying parts, accessories or manuals. Parts and accessories for incomplete devices can be an extremely costly expense that the receiving charitable organization may not be able to afford.

  • Ensure that the equipment being donated is compliant with the recipient charity’s local regulations, and voltage capabilities.

Trade-In Second Hand Hospital Equipment

  • Many manufacturers offer a discount to facilities when they trade-in their second hand hospital equipment - this is an excellent way to save money on the new device while also having the old device’s de-installation taken care of by the manufacturer.

Recycle Used Hospital Equipment

  • Recycling used hospital equipment is a method that can dispose of materials that cannot be disposed of using the other methods (e.g. a device that is inoperative beyond repair or no long compliant with today’s standards). The sentence doesn’t make sense.

  • Recycling companies find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of equipment.

  • Depending on the devices condition, it can also be refurbished by the original equipment manufacturer or other third party companies.

  • If parts or accessories of an unwanted device are operational and can be used, they can be removed from the old device and be used with another device in the facility - another way of saving the facility money.

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