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Getinge Group Medical Equipment

The Getinge Group is a medical technology company, based in Sweden and was founded over a century ago. The company operates three divisions, with Getinge Infection Control focusing primarily on sterilizers and sterile consumables; Arjohuntleigh focusing on extended care; and Maquet Medical Systems focusing on equipment for operating theaters, intensive care units and cardiovascular care.

Heart-Lung Machine

A heart-lung machine is a pump that is used to maintain blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the body during surgery which requires a cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). The machine is commonly referred to as a CPB pump or just as “the pump”.

Mobile MRI Units

Mobile MRI units provide a fast, flexible and comprehensive answer to a variety of business and clinical needs of hospitals and imaging centers.

Heine Optotechnik Medical Equipment

Heine Optotechnik has been developing and producing high quality diagnostic equipment for the medical industry for over 65 years. The independent, family owned company develops and manufactures virtually all of its products in-house, taking them from concept to finished product. Heine is known for the precision of its assemblies, quality and compatibility of its materials, and rigorous quality assurance process.

New Developments in Vascular Probes

Traditional vascular probes, also known as linear probes, are high frequency ultrasound probes that provide excellent imaging of superficial vessels and structures. The probes produce good resolution and less penetration than other probes, making them ideal for ultrasound-guided procedures.

Developments in Open MRI

For people who are large or claustrophobic, having an MRI scan is a real challenge. Traditional units take the form of a long, narrow tube that lets in little light. The noise generated by the MRI, the fact that the top of the machine is only inches from the patient’s face, and the need to stay absolutely motionless throughout the scan combine to make it an extremely difficult experience for people who are claustrophobic to undergo an MRI examination.

Philips Medical Equipment

Philips Healthcare is a division of Royal Philips Electronics, a Netherlands-based company that focuses on lifestyle and lighting products as well as healthcare. Together with GE Medical Systems and Siemens Medical, it dominates the worldwide medical equipment market.

Refurbishing CT Scanners

Professionally refurbished CTs look and perform similarly to brand new devices. They offer medical centers and imaging centers of all sizes affordable solutions and outstanding value.
The performance, reliability and lifespan of a refurbished CT scanner depends on the condition of the scanner prior to refurbishing; the quality of replacement parts; the expertise of the technicians who work on it; and, finally, the thoroughness of the pre-sale testing process.

Low Radiation CT Scans Thanks to Novel Device

Overuse of high radiation diagnostic devices has caused occurrences of cancer to increase exponentially. According to an article in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, 70 million CT scans were done in the United States alone in 2007, up from 3 million in 1980. Further, out of those patients who underwent CT scans in 2007, 29,000 of them are expected to develop cancer. It has become undeniable that overexposure to radiation is a health hazard that significantly increases a patient's risk of developing cancer.

What to Expect in an Intensive Care Unit

When you visit a friend or relative who is in intensive care it can be a traumatic experience. The variety of machines and pieces of equipment used in these units may already be familiar to you since many of them also appear in other types of surgery like cosmetic surgery for example. However if you are paying a visit to someone in an intensive care unit, you might like to know what some of the most common pieces of equipment are before you go there.

Home Care Medical Equipment

Home Care Medical Equipment
Specialized medical equipment designed for in-home use enables disabled or ill patients to receive excellent care and experience better outcomes while enjoying higher quality of life. Proper equipment enhances caregiver safety as well as patient comfort at all points throughout the care continuum.
The equipment most commonly required for home care includes mobility devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers; access equipment; oxygen therapy equipment; bathroom safety equipment; monitors; and assistive furniture.

Mindray Medical Equipment

Mindray Medical Equipment
China’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment, Mindray Medical Equipment is active in the areas of patient monitoring and life support; in-vitro diagnostic products; and medical imaging systems. The company has a veterinary products division as well.

Mindray was founded in 1991 and received FDA 510(k) clearance to export products to the US in 2004. Since 2006, it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:MR).

Nuclear Medicine Equipment

Nuclear Medicine Equipment
Nuclear medicine leverages the unique properties of isotopes and particles emitted by radioactive materials to produce images of biologic activity.

PET, SPECT and scintigraphy equipment utilize gamma cameras to capture images that can indicate a tumor, fracture or other conditions. These images are generated by administering a short-lived isotope that is disproportionately absorbed by a patient’s biologically active tissue, as indicated by emitted radiation.

ECG Monitors

ECG Monitors
Electrocardiography (ECG) is a non-invasive method of measuring the electrical activity of the heart over time, using electrodes that are attached to the surface of the skin. Twelve-lead ECGs are used to record cardiac electrical activity at a specific point in time and are generally printed to create a permanent record. ECGs that use 3 or 5 leads are commonly used for continuous recording of cardiac activity in ambulances, during surgery and/or when patients are receiving anesthesia, and to monitor critically ill patients.

Medical Lasers

Veterinary Equipment
Medical lasers use precisely focused light sources to treat or remove tissue. Lasers use a specific wavelength of light, focused in a narrow beam, which creates very high-intensity light. When focused on a tiny area, they can cut through tissue, and can therefore be used in place of a scalpel in surgical procedures.

In the medical field, lasers are most often used for cosmetic procedures, including hair removal, rosacea and acne treatment, and removal of scars and stretch marks, and eye surgery, such as cataract treatment and refractive surgery for correcting vision. In dental practices, lasers are often used to disinfect root canals and remove decay, as well as to whiten teeth.

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