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Mindray Medical Equipment

Mindray Medical Equipment
China’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment, Mindray Medical Equipment is active in the areas of patient monitoring and life support; in-vitro diagnostic products; and medical imaging systems. The company has a veterinary products division as well.

Mindray was founded in 1991 and received FDA 510(k) clearance to export products to the US in 2004. Since 2006, it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:MR).
Mindray has gained a strong foothold in international markets through its strong distribution network, excellent technology and competitive pricing. It has offices throughout China; subsidiaries in Asia, North and South America and Europe; and operates research centers in China, the US and Sweden. Ten percent of company revenues are reinvested in R&D and six to eight products are introduced each year.

Mindray develops and manufactures patient monitoring and life support products for use in ambulances, emergency rooms, operating rooms, critical care units and general wards, and during patient transportation and outpatient care. Products include multi-parameter patient monitors, biotelemetry systems, anesthesia delivery systems, defibrillators for heart failure treatment, and operating room equipment such as tables, lights and ceiling supply units.

The patient monitoring and life support division has grown through acquisitions as well as in-house product development. Mindray acquired the patient monitoring division of Datascope Corp. in 2008 and established a licensing agreement with Pulsion for integration of its technologies in multi-parameter patient monitoring devices.

Mindray’s In-vitro Diagnostics division develops, manufactures and markets hematology, urine and biochemistry analyzers and reagents for analysis of blood, urine and other biologic tissue and fluids. The product line includes automated and semi-automated equipment for hospitals as well as independent and clinic-based labs.

Mindray Medical's Imaging Systems include ultrasound, digital radiology and MRI systems. The company’s portable ultrasound systems are designed for specialists in urology, vascular, cardiology, internal medicine, OB/gyn, pain management and infertility treatment. Mindray's ultrasound systems provide excellent performance in the areas of color, penetration and image quality.

Compact, electronically-controlled digital radiography systems provide high-quality images at minimum exposal dose and enable flexible and specialty positioning while improving patient comfort. Panoramic imaging enables up to five images to be scanned and combined with minimal distortion. Mindray’s MagSense 360 MRI may be operated from a shielding room or console room. Its open structure increases patient comfort and provides maximum access for MR intervention surgery.

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