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Medical Facilities Turn To Refurbished Medical Equipment for Cost Effective and Reliable Solutions

A common factor that all medical facilities share (regardless of their size, specialization, location, etc.) is their ongoing need to possess quality medical equipment. One might believe that medical institutions containing high-end equipment in their facilities may have likely invested a great deal of capital into those devices. However, this may not always be the case, especially if the facility went the refurbished route when selecting its medical equipment.

Refurbished medical equipment continues to be a popular choice for economically minded facilities that wish to replace or add to their existing medical equipment without sacrificing on quality. The price point of refurbished medical equipment can sometimes be in less than half of the price that the device would go for if purchased new.

Additionally, refurbished medical equipment can be in “like new“ condition, since experienced biomedical engineers perform the refurbishing process, and continuously test each device to ensure that it complies with manufacturer safety and performance standards.

In medical equipment terms, devices that have been refurbished may have undergone one or both of the following types of services: visual refurbishment and/or major parts replacement. A device that has been visually refurbished has been tested and is in fully functional condition, but has received a visual enhancement, such as a paintjob; whereas a device that has undergone a major parts replacement has been tested and is in fully functional condition due to an internal enhancement to the device - the system has had its major parts replaced, not necessarily with original parts.

MedWOW.com - a leading online marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment, assists facilities in finding and purchasing refurbished medical equipment. The site is designed to help facilities find the equipment that they require (which can often times be acquired at the fraction of cost that the device would sell for new) by exposing them to the thousands of items listed on the site by medical equipment sellers from all over the world.

In addition to providing medical facilities with access to refurbished medical equipment deals that they may have otherwise not had access to, MedWOW also provides services, which help ensure that the refurbished medical equipment being purchased through the site is in optimal condition. The site’s inspection service allows facilities to guarantee a device’s condition by enabling them to order from a variety of inspection services that can be preformed on a device prior to closing a deal with a seller.

MedWOW also offers facilities thousands of used medical equipment, parts & accessories, including items classified as: as is, remanufactured and never-used.

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Online Marketplace for Used Medical Equipment Launches Global Franchise Network

The demand for used medical equipment has experienced a significant rise, especially in international markets. International trade of used medical equipment has been greatly facilitated by the internet - particularly online marketplaces that are geared at the global market, which have enabled international buyers and sellers to find a world of options that they may have otherwise not had access to.

MedWOW.com - an online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment, has put a considerable effort in assisting the international market with trade. The multilingual site which is available in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic, with additional languages on the way, has received overwhelming demand from its international users. In response to the needs of its users around the world, MedWOW has expanded its operations by recently launching an international Franchise Program which accommodates the international market.
MedWOW’s Franchise Program enables qualified organizations from around the world to join the MedWOW brand and offer the website's services in their territory.

The franchise program offers reputable key-players in the medical equipment industry the opportunity to expand their existing business by giving them the rights to market MedWOW to end-users in their territories, such as: hospitals, laboratories, private clinics, dental clinics, veterinary centers, etc.

As part of the Franchise Program, MedWOW’s franchisees are given the rights to conduct business activities on behalf of MedWOW in their territory, such as: advertising and marketing MedWOW, establishing help desk services to assist clients, penetrating the local market by means of face-to-face meetings, telemarketing initiatives, email, fax, and postal campaigns. In return, franchisees receive a share of all incoming profits that MedWOW generates as a result of user activities on the site from members in their territories.

Becoming a MedWOW franchisee is a smart business move with minimal risks involved, since the franchise can be operated as a supplementary business to the franchisee’s existing company. Additionally, MedWOW’s franchise program is structured in such a way that it enables franchisees to capitalize from their existing industry contacts in their MedWOW franchise.

Learn more about MedWOW’s Franchise Program.

Online Used Medical Equipment Auctions On the Rise

The used medical equipment industry has seen a significant shift into the ecommerce world as of late. With an increasing amount of used medical equipment buyers turning to online marketplaces to acquire equipment, sellers using these online distribution channels have recognized that giving buyers various options to purchase their equipment has a favorable impact on their sales.

While the traditional method of selling used medical equipment online is still very popular amongst many buyers, another large segment of buyers prefer purchasing equipment through online auctions.

The popularity of used medical equipment auctions has been on the rise due to the mutual advantages that they offer both buyers and sellers in the industry. Since auctions implement a bidding functionality into transactions, a win-win situation is established for sellers and buyers alike. By bidding, a buyer sets the price at which he/she is willing to purchase an item if he/she is the winning bidder at the auction’s closing. Similarly, sellers that post items on auction ultimately receive the highest possible true market value for their items, if their auction closes successfully.

Several online marketplaces offer sellers the ability to post used medical equipment auctions and sell their items to the highest bidder, however most of these sites charge a fee for this service. One specialized marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned medical equipment that recently eliminated their auction posting fee is MedWOW.com. Sellers can now post their used medical equipment for auction free of charge. According to MedWOW, this change was implemented to broaden the selling options for sellers.

The site also provides sellers with the option of posting a Purchase Now price on the items which they list on auction, enabling buyers to immediately purchase those items at the preset price, before the listed closing date of the auction.

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About MedWOW
MedWOW.com is an innovative online marketplace specifically designed for used medical equipment professionals. The site connects buyers, sellers and service providers from around the world through unique online tools and features.
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Increase Your Used Medical Equipment Sales with Video Tours

The internet has been an excellent channel for used medical equipment sellers to expand their sales. Sellers in the industry often use online marketplaces to help showcase their inventory to buyers and expand their client base. While there are several ways that buyers can purchase used medical equipment online, websites with comprehensive details included in their listings generally have heightened popularity amongst buyers. Advanced features, such as video tours, can help bring an item’s listing to life, even if only virtually, buyers can really get a sense of the item by viewing a video tour of it.

MedWOW.com, a global marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment, has recognized buyers’ wishes to have comprehensive visual representations of items on the site, and have therefore released video tour capabilities that can be added to seller’s listings. One of the main reasons buyers turn to MedWOW is because of the comprehensive information included in item postings – the video capabilities take this edge to a whole new level.

MedWOW is encouraging its sellers to upload video clips whenever available, as this new video option provides them with upper hand that allows them to showcase their items to buyers. Postings with videos appear first on MedWOW’s search result pages, and therefore sellers that post items with video clips increase their exposure, views, and ultimately sales potential. Similarly, since postings with video clips can help answer buyers’ questions before they even ask them, sellers are more likely to receive requests from buyers that are ready to buy, as opposed to receiving general inquiries about the item’s physical condition.

About MedWOW
MedWOW.com is an innovative online marketplace specifically designed for used medical equipment professionals. The site connects buyers, sellers and service providers from around the world through unique online tools and features.To learn more about MedWOW, please click here.

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Online Marketplace Simplifies Finding Medical Parts & Accessories

Medical facilities regularly experience situations when medical equipment that has ceased to function is attributed to a broken or damaged part or accessory. When dealing with devices that are used to monitor, treat, and diagnose patients, a malfunctioning part or accessory can have huge implications on the facility’s capacity to provide effective medical services. Facilities therefore feel that it is imperative to find appropriate replacement parts and accessories for medical equipment that is out of order, so that the device can quickly be restored into working order and be capable of providing medical solutions to patients. Nevertheless, finding a replacement part or accessory for a medical device may not always be the easiest task to tackle since there are so many different variations of devices, models, compatibility issues, and other contributing elements which can make finding the right part an extremely confusing experience.

MedWOW.com - a global marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment has recognized the issue that medical facilities face when seeking to find replacement parts or accessories for their equipment. The site has developed two unique catalogs in addition to its complete systems catalog – one devoted solely to medical parts and the other to medical accessories. The site’s dedicated catalogs make finding the right item a quick and simple task, and MedWOW is the only marketplace in its class offering such advanced capabilities.

When searching for a part or an accessory, precision is key - a simple discrepancy in a part or accessory number may mean that the part will be incompatible with the device. Therefore, MedWOW offers users precise filtering options which allow them to narrow down search results without having to browse irrelevant listings.

In addition to the filtering options, MedWOW’s users can search by very specific parameters such as the part or accessory’s name, number and version.

Another element that is a common issue for facilities in search of replacement parts or accessories is the compatibility factor; some parts or accessories are compatible with more than one model, and if not previously informed, facilities can aimlessly search for items under the wrong model name. Both MedWOW’s parts and accessories catalogs save user’s time and increase the accuracy of his/her searches by displaying a unique feature that indicates all of the models that a part or an accessory is compatible with.

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About MedWOW
MedWOW.com is an innovative online marketplace specifically designed for used medical equipment professionals. The site connects buyers, sellers and service providers from around the world through unique online tools and features.
To learn more about MedWOW, please click here.

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Online Solution for Buying & Selling Used Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles

Buying and selling used medical equipment can be an economic solution for medical facilities that are in need of equipment replacements, and also assist in generating additional funds from surplus equipment that is no longer required by these facilities. When it comes to emergency vehicles, the acquisition of used ambulances is often a significantly more cost effective alternative which can still provide the features sought after.

While buying and selling used ambulances may seem quick and simple, it may not always be so easy to find a source with the exact models of used ambulances that the facility is looking for. One online source that has a wide range of used ambulances posted by different sellers from all over the world is MedWOW.com - a leading global marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment, parts and accessories.

The used ambulances posted on MedWOW include various models from numerous manufacturers. The site’s search engine even allows facilities to find the exact emergency vehicle that they are in search of, using filtering options which narrow down search results by parameters such as the ambulance’s manufacturer, model, price range, year manufactured, location and additional factors. Used ambulance listings on MedWOW even include details which may have a significant impact on the purchase, such as the vehicle’s mileage.

In addition to finding models that can potentially be purchased, sellers of emergency vehicles can post used ambulances on MedWOW and receive a global exposure to potential buyers. Posting is free on MedWOW, and sellers can determine if they would like to sell their equipment by regular sale or auction.

To view used ambulances posted on MedWOW, please visit http://www.medwow.com/used-ambulance-equipment/679.med

How to Buy Used CT Scanners

Buying used medical equipment can be an economic solution to your facility’s equipment needs. Although the financial benefits to purchasing used medical equipment may be clear-cut, there are plenty of factors that medical facilities must take into consideration before purchasing used medical equipment, especially with expensive devices such as used CT scanners. MedWOW.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment has written “A Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment” - a comprehensive eBook containing thousands of buying tips for over 200 of the most popular medical devices, including used CT scanners.
  1. A mid-range 16-slice system can adequately perform most routine clinical exams.
  2. Wide bore scanners, which are similar systems with larger gantry apertures, are appropriate for oncology exams, and are also useful for scanning bariatric patients.
  3. Systems with more and thinner slices in one rotation, can handle more complex exams and more varied patient populations. The incremental benefit actually decreases as the number of slices that can be acquired increases. The smallest slice width on a 4-slice scanner, for example, is the same as that on a 16-slice scanner.
  4. Most exams do not require the smallest slice width. For slices wider than 5 mm, there is no difference between 4-slice and 16-slice systems.
  5. Systems may also be different in the speed of image reconstruction. Acquiring more slices is not advantageous if patient throughput is held up by slow image reconstruction. There is no point in buying a very high specification computer that will rarely be utilized.
  6. Before buying a CT system, facilities must evaluate patient population, clinical needs, and desired throughput. Low-volume facilities, for example, will not benefit much from the more efficient use of the x-ray tube on a 16-slice scanner to justify its replacement cost.
  7. Buyers should consider several design features before purchasing a CT scanner. The basic clinical applications are quite similar for units from various manufacturers. The differences between top-of-the-line units and less sophisticated ones generally involve cycle time, spatial resolution, data-storage features, and helical scanning protocols.
  8. Buyers are encouraged to examine any CT scanner model they are considering, while it is operating.
  9. Specially air-conditioned computer rooms are still required in some cases, although distributed processing in the construction of CT scanners has eliminated the need for them.
  10. The reliability of the scanner system can be harmed if adequate air-conditioning for the computer equipment is not provided. This ultimately shortens its useful life. The existing hospital air-conditioning system cannot be used in most cases since its operation is connected to outdoor weather and since many times it is already operating close to capacity.
  11. The ability of the scanner to make artifact-free images often depends strongly on the electrical power energizing the instrument. Buyers should install surge suppressors and means for automatic disconnection if the power fails.
  12. Installation time varies among suppliers and may range from one week to two months. The most common installation period is two weeks.
  13. Adequate training is a must due to the complexity of CT scanners. The training usually consists of one or more visits to the site by an instructor provided by the supplier. These visits can last 3-4 days, but longer visits are often desirable, depending on the expertise and experience within the facility. Users should arrange for follow-up visits 3-6 months after installation.

How to Purchase Used MRI Securely & Effectively

Buying used medical equipment can be an economic solution to medical facilities, hospitals, or any individual otherwise involved in purchasing used medical equipment. Although the financial benefits to purchasing used medical equipment may be clear-cut, there are plenty of factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing used medical equipment, especially with expensive devices such as used MRI.

MedWOW.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment has written “A Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment” - a comprehensive eBook containing thousands of buying tips for over 200 of the most popular medical devices, including used MRI’s. This guide ensures that buyers of used medical equipment get the most out of their used medical equipment purchases.

Following is an example from MedWOW’s guide - Tips for purchasing used MRIs:
1.When purchasing an MRI system, facilities should consider these components: the magnet, gradient system & computer.

2.As for the magnet, it should produce a highly homogeneous magnetic field covering as wide a field of view as possible and provide as much patient space as possible.
3. The image resolution is higher when the gradient system is faster, but than the field of view is smaller.

4. Keeping up with the magnet, so that images are instantly available while the scan progresses, is the computer system's task.

5. Facilities should also consider the site requirements, which are specific to each institution. In this area, three issues should be examined: the extent of the magnetic field, the area occupied by the magnet, and the weight of the magnet.

6. When selecting the MRI site, the two most important planning considerations are the fringe field and the need for a site free from ambient RF electrical noise. A permanent magnet has a minimal fringe field, but needs careful preconstruction planning because of its tremendous weight.

7. To contain the magnetic fringe field of resistive and superconducting electromagnet systems, shielding can be used. The fringe field could cause problems at some sites without shielding.

8. To contain the fringe field, two approaches are used: active and passive shielding. Active shielding is a design feature of the magnet, while the passive shielding involves the use of steel around the magnet.

9. Generally, the size of the controlled-access area increases as the operational field strength increases, for the fringe fields created by superconducting and resistive magnets. The recommended general-public access limit is 5 G. The distance to the 5 G line ranges from approximately 9 meters for a 0.5 T magnet to 13 meters for a 1.5 T magnet. For a 3.0 T magnet, the 5 G line is about one meter further from the isocenter than it is for a 1.5 T magnet, and therefore larger safety boundaries are required.

10. With active magnet shielding, the distance to the 5 G line can be drastically reduced to less than 4 meters for a shielded 1.5 T magnet and less than 3 meters for a shielded 0.5 T magnet.
11. Fringe fields are 3-D; so for higher field strengths, areas on the floors above and below the imaging facility may also need controlled access and/or shielding.

12. Careful site selection is required. The operation of gamma cameras, CRT displays, electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram monitors, and image intensifiers - are all affected by the magnetic field; ferromagnetic material in the surrounding area affects the homogeneity of the static magnetic field.

13. Users can partially compensate for the effects of large stationary masses on field uniformity by placing corresponding masses of ferromagnetic material in a symmetric position in the magnet area. A careful site selection can eliminate moving ferromagnetic objects such as elevators, automobiles, or forklifts.

14. To address the problems associated with the fringe field, active shielding can be used, as well as close-fitting steel shields integral to the magnet, or steel shielding in the walls around the magnet. If users wish to install large steel sheets of magnetic shielding, they should keep in mind that these are expensive, and require innovative construction techniques because of the weight involved.

15. Facilities should be sure to include all these extra precautions in early design considerations because they raise the cost of construction. Implementation after installation may be even more costly. Actively shielded magnets have significantly reduced fringe fields and generally do not require steel shielding.

16. External ambient RF signals can degrade image quality below diagnostically acceptable levels; so even in the most complex MRI system, the magnet assembly must have some type of RF shielding. These shield assemblies usually consist of a complete room of copper or aluminum sheets bonded to a composite plywood support. Physical and visual access to the room is provided by special door assemblies and window coverings shielded with copper screening.

17. Specialists should install, fine-tune, and maintain the equipment since MRI technology is especially complex and sensitive. Experts should train physicians and technologists and answer their questions.

18. Facilities should choose a supplier whose local service and training resources are extensive and reliable. The availability of such resources should be guaranteed in writing within any contract between the supplier and the buyer.

19. To facilitate future additions to the network, all newly purchased equipment must be compatible with DICOM 3.0. DICOM conformance statements should be provided by the suppliers and should explain in detail what information objects, service classes, and data encoding are supported by their systems. All statements should share the same format and vocabulary to facilitate comparisons among suppliers.

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How to Effectively Increase Sales of Used Medical Equipment Posted Online

Many professionals in the used medical equipment industry are actively using online marketplaces to expand their sale distribution channels. These marketplaces can be an excellent means of expanding sales; however, in order to successfully sell inventory online, sellers must know the difference between effective and ineffective listings.

If you go onto any online marketplace, you can quickly recognize which listings attract buyers and which don’t - chances are that you will only open up the postings of items which were created effectively and completely overlook all others. The same applies for used medical equipment postings - sellers that want to successfully sell their used medical equipment online, should be familiar with the parameters that set apart an effective listing from an ineffective one, because ultimately effective listings will increase opening rates and sales.

MedWOW.com - a leading global marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment, is popular amongst medical equipment buyers because of the comprehensive information contained in the listings posted on the site. MedWOW advises sellers with the following posting tips to increase their sale rates on the site:

· Don’t just fill in the mandatory fields

The more information that your posting contains, the greater the chances are that buyers will look at it, and ultimately purchase it. If you have information available to complete the optional fields, it will only be in your best interest to include it when posting. By doing so, you will receive less inquiries requesting additional information about the item and more inquiries from buyers that are actually ready to buy.

· Include prices in your listings

Listings with prices have significantly higher opening rates. Buyers are often deterred from requesting prices from sellers, as it can slow down the process. Additionally, listings without prices can give the impression that the item is overpriced. If you are not sure what the price of your item should be, you may search for similar items posted on MedWOW and see the prices requested for items such as yours.

· Write an item description
Include as many details as possible, such as technical specifications. If possible, write a description in English, as well as in your local language, and include descriptions in any other language that you may know.

· Upload images

Postings with images have a significantly higher opening rate, and therefore have a greater likelihood of being sold on MedWOW. It is recommended that you upload pictures of the actual item and not pictures that you have downloaded from the Internet. Buyers are interested in viewing images that accurately represent the actual item that is being sold rather than a catalog picture.

· Agree to have inspections performed on your item

By agreeing to have inspections performed on your item, you are only increasing your credibility with buyers. Buyers feel more protected knowing that they can have an inspection performed on an item prior to purchasing it.

· Respond promptly to buyers’ requests

By responding promptly to buyers’ requests (e.g. questions, image requests, negotiation requests, quote requests), you will only increase your chances of selling to the buyer. If you put off responding to a buyer’s request, chances are that they will purchase the item from another seller.

· Promote your items

Request a promotion for your item(s) in the locations that you are interested in selling to, and MedWOW will send out a notification about your item(s) to thousands of registered and unregistered potential buyers.

Sell, Donate, Trade Inn or Recycle Your Used Hospital Equipment

Disposing of Your Used Hospital Equipment

There are a variety of options available to dispose of your health facility’s unwanted or surplus medical equipment. Whether you have replaced a device with a newer model or because it is inoperative beyond repair, it is important to find the most practical way to dispose of it while still taking into consideration factors such as local disposal regulations, your facility’s disposal procedures, your time, the financial value of the device, and any other factors that play a role in the device’s disposal.

Choosing the best option to dispose of an item may not always be easy. Therefore, the following can help you determine which route is most effective for your facility to dispose of your used and second hand hospital equipment.

Sell Used Hospital Equipment

  • Selling used hospital equipment is an excellent method that saves your facility money while also clearing your used or surplus equipment.

  • There is a huge market for selling pre-owned medical equipment, especially when selling internationally to facilities looking to buy used hospital equipment.

  • Some facilities and countries only buy used hospital equipment, as they simply do not have the budget to purchase new equipment, which can be significantly more expensive.

  • You can arrange to have a buyer uninstall a device the same day that the new device is scheduled to be installed in your facility.

  • MedWOW offers an easy online platform to buy and sell used hospital equipment. One popular way of selling second hand hospital equipment on the site is through its medical equipment auctions.

Sell your used, surplus, or unwanted hospital equipment on MedWOW

Donate Second Hand Hospital Equipment

  • Donating second hand hospital equipment to charitable organizations is another method to dispose of your equipment while improving the level of healthcare for other communities.

  • Only donate equipment that is operational or can be repaired - devices that are inoperative beyond repair will not be of use to the recipient, but rather pose a burden.

  • When donating equipment, ensure that you include all accompanying parts, accessories or manuals. Parts and accessories for incomplete devices can be an extremely costly expense that the receiving charitable organization may not be able to afford.

  • Ensure that the equipment being donated is compliant with the recipient charity’s local regulations, and voltage capabilities.

Trade-In Second Hand Hospital Equipment

  • Many manufacturers offer a discount to facilities when they trade-in their second hand hospital equipment - this is an excellent way to save money on the new device while also having the old device’s de-installation taken care of by the manufacturer.

Recycle Used Hospital Equipment

  • Recycling used hospital equipment is a method that can dispose of materials that cannot be disposed of using the other methods (e.g. a device that is inoperative beyond repair or no long compliant with today’s standards). The sentence doesn’t make sense.

  • Recycling companies find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of equipment.

  • Depending on the devices condition, it can also be refurbished by the original equipment manufacturer or other third party companies.

  • If parts or accessories of an unwanted device are operational and can be used, they can be removed from the old device and be used with another device in the facility - another way of saving the facility money.

New Guidebook Helps Used Medical Equipment Buyers Make Informed Purchases

Are you a hospital administrator, department head, or otherwise involved in the purchasing of medical equipment? Would you like to get the most out of your used medical equipment purchases?

“A Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment” is specifically geared at educating individuals responsible for purchasing used medical equipment with the elements that they need to be aware of, prior to making purchases.

The guide is being distributed by MedWOW.com, a leading online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment. The site, which has received acclaim for its innovative tools aimed at facilitating the online trade of used medical equipment, developed this guide in response to the countless requests that they received from buyers seeking their professional buying assistance and advice.

The guide is the result of extensive research and conclusions conducted by MedWOW.com and its affiliated team of medical equipment experts, doctors, technicians, and engineers from around the world.

Written as a guideline, this book provides you with thousands of buying tips for over 200 of the most common medical devices used in clinics, hospitals, labs, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities. Moreover, the tips include emphasis on the important features, specifications, and capabilities to consider for each medical device.

Examples of tips you can find in this book include tips for buying CT scanners:
“Before buying a CT system, facilities must evaluate patient population, clinical needs, and desired throughput. Low-volume facilities, for example, will not benefit much from the more efficient use of the x-ray tube on a 16-slice scanner to justify its replacement cost.”
To purchase the Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment please follow the link below:


Used Medical Equipment Trade Rises in Middle East

September 2009 - The used medical equipment industry in the Middle East has seen a significant rise over the past few years. Much like in many other markets, Middle Eastern clinics and hospitals have recognized the considerable monetary savings that purchasing used medical equipment offers their budgets.

At the forefront of the used medical equipment industry is MedWOW.com, an online marketplace that facilitates with buying and selling used medical equipment. The site has recognized the Middle Eastern market’s growing demand for used medical equipment, and is currently in the midst of translating their entire website into Arabic in order to accommodate the needs of the Arabic speaking market.

Arabic will be the fifth language added to MedWOW, which currently operates in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. The multilingual site eliminates language barriers that have often restricted industry professionals in different countries from conducting business with one another.

MedWOW’s multilingualism is just one of the many factors that have contributed to its success in expanding the online trade of used medical equipment to a global scale. The site provides innovative tools and services which facilitate users from different regions of the world to communicate and ultimately conduct business with one another.

Thousands of international buyers and sellers of used medical equipment have already recognized the tremendous and potential that MedWOW offers their business, and have utilized the site for both domestic and international trade of used medical equipment.

MedWOW’s addition of the Arabic language is just one of their many efforts to simplify the global trade of used medical equipment. This site has ongoing initiatives that are currently in the works that will continue to reinvent the online trade of used medical equipment as we know it.

Used Medical Equipment Industry Expanding to Worldwide Market

The second hand medical equipment market has seen a significant rise in demand, especially in loom of the global economic recession. As a result, professionals in this industry have realized that there is tremendous potential in the international market. Expanding to the global market has several advantages for both buyers and sellers alike – buyers can purchase equipment, which may not be available in their countries, while sellers can increase their sales and profits by selling their items in various markets at various price points, depending on each market’s demand for their medical equipment.

While utilizing the international market has its clear benefits, it also has barriers which has hindered many professionals wishing to broaden their business exposure, from entering the international market. Language barriers are perhaps one of the most prominent obstacles that impede these professionals, as they hinder communications between buyers and sellers from countries speaking different languages and ultimately prevent them from closing deals.

MedWOW, a rapidly growing used medical equipment marketplace, has realized the need for a global solution, and therefore developed a website, where users from around the world can buy or sell used medical equipment. The site was established with a goal of facilitating with international trade, and includes features and services intended to eliminate obstacles that industry professionals have faced thus far.

Perhaps one of MedWOW’s major advantages is its completely multilingual interface - the entire site was professionally translated and is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian. In addition, each listing on the site can be translated into all languages.

MedWOW has also developed a useful multilingual Questions and Answers feature, where users from different speaking countries can communicate with one another in their preferred language. A buyer can use this feature to ask a seller questions from list of professionally compiled questions that are specifically written for each device, or write his/her own question in the free-text question field. The seller then receives the questions, which have been automatically translated into his/her preferred language, and submits a response. The response is then retranslated into the buyer’s language and is sent to the buyer for review.

Another convenient feature for MedWOW’s international users is its currency convertor, which is updated on a daily basis, allowing them to view prices in their preferred currency, selected from a list of all international currencies.

Due to the site’s tremendous progress, MedWOW.com is currently being translated into German and Japanese, in its efforts to assist the markets with their heavy demand for used medical equipment.

Selling Used Medical Equipment Online

Thousands of used medical equipment dealers, brokers, and medical institutions & clinics from around the world have joined MedWOW to sell their equipment online and penetrate new markets.

MedWOW is aware of the time constraints and pressures that professionals in this industry have to face, and have therefore taken this issue into consideration by implementing special features and services that offer its sellers quick solutions with minimal investment of time or effort.

Sellers with large quantities of inventory can easily upload their entire stock on MedWOW in one shot with the Simplified Posting Service – a service offering sellers the ability to submit an excel file of their entire inventory. Similarly, the service also allows sellers to directly import the inventory listed on their company website (including item images) onto MedWOW simply by submitting the web address. The Simplified Posting Service is available to sellers on MedWOW that have 10 or more items of inventory that they would like to upload, and is free of charge.

In addition to offering timesaving solutions to sellers with large quantities of inventory, MedWOW offers sellers with smaller inventories convenient tools for posting their items on the site. The ‘Item Auto Complete’ tool quickly fills in an item’s medical category, device, manufacturer and model, simply by typing in the model’s name. Likewise, sellers with similar items in their stock can create multiple duplicate postings for items at the touch of a button.

Once sellers have their inventories listed on MedWOW, a number of reports are available to keep track of their performance on MedWOW. Sellers have access to a personal inventory section, listing their entire inventory stock, including detailed information such as the item’s status on the site, the number of views it received, and the number of potential buyers that expressed interest in the item. Similarly, a Sales Report allows sellers to compare their sales on the site during different time periods.

Sophisticated Search Engine for Used Medical Equipment

It is no surprise that the ecommerce age is well underway. Countless consumers and businesses have realized that the internet offers quick, simple and convenient solutions that can save time and money. Consequently, an increasing number of used medical equipment professionals have jumped onboard the trend of ecommerce to buy and sell used medical equipment online. The internet gives this market instant access to the used medical equipment that they require, which may have taken days to locate otherwise.

Since the main objective of turning to the web is saving time, it is essential that a website has the ability to offer its users quick results.

At MedWOW.com we operate an online marketplace which gives used medical equipment professionals the quick results that they sought after by turning to the internet. We offers users quick, precise, and relevant results for their searches, through its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use search engine.

The site has implemented the latest technology by offering its users the capability to search through an extensive catalog of used medical equipment, with three different search options.

The ‘Quick Search’ allows users to type a free-text search based on the device, manufacturer or model name, or by the part or accessory name or number. This search is capable of finding devices that may be known by more than one name (e.g. CT, CAT Scanner, Computerized Tomography Scanner, etc.) and also by different names of models or manufacturers, that are a result of the company being acquired by another company.

Those looking for more precise search results can use our website ‘Advanced Search’, which allows users to search for a specific model by selecting the specific medical category, device, manufacturer and model.

Additionally, the site’s ‘Category Search’ offers users a step-by-step search, which enables them to browse through all equipment classified under a particular category, device, manufacturer, or model.

Aside from the search options, we have implemented an innovative results page, with search filters that help users to quickly find the exact equipment that they need. Search results can be filtered by many parameters: from manufacturer, to price range, to year manufactured, to geographic location, and even to particular technical specifications (e.g. the number of slices that a CT Scanner is capable of).

To facilitate in finding the exact item, we have implemented three different used medical equipment catalogs, one for Complete Systems, one for Parts, and one for Accessories. Therefore, if a user is looking for a CT Tube (a part), he wouldn’t have to waste time browsing through CT Scanners (complete systems), which are not even relevant to him.

Needless to say, our search options and catalog are extremely valuable for medical facilities looking for quick and precise results to their used medical equipment needs. However, sellers also have access to search options that operate in the same manner, just with a Wanted Item catalog. The Wanted Item catalog includes all postings made by buyers regarding particular items that they are looking to purchase. Sellers can search this catalog to see which buyers are looking for equipment that corresponds to the inventory that they sell.

In addition to the sophisticated search engine, we developed many more innovative features specifically designed to provide online solutions for used medical equipment professionals. visit our website to learn more http://www.medwow.com

Simplified Process for Purchasing Used Medical Equipment

June 15, 2009 - Health institutions worldwide have recognized that it is more affordable to replace their current outdated equipment with second hand or refurbished medical equipment. One of the main issues concerning the used medical equipment industry is staying up-to-date with the latest market values and equipment price depreciation. These issues may pose an obstacle to many health institutions, which may not be aware of the actual costs at which they can purchase used medical equipment, and are often times taken advantage of.

MedWOW.com, an online marketplace that connects buyers, sellers and service providers around the world, provides an ideal online marketplace for trading used medical equipment on a global scale.

In an industry where time and money is crucial, MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service offers buyers of used medical equipment a one-stop-shop for their medical equipment requirements. On top of saving buyer’s time and money, the service gives its users the confidence of knowing that qualified medical equipment experts are handling the entire process.

The site’s unique Professional Purchasing Service lets buyers benefit from having MedWOW’s highly qualified team of medical equipment experts handle their purchasing process from start to finish.

From assisting buyers in preparing their desired specifications requirements, to contacting the relevant sellers, to handling negotiations, to finding training, MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service offers buyers comprehensive solutions, whatever their medical equipment needs may be.

Amongst many benefits, MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service ensures that the buyer always receives the best deal for the equipment purchased. Since MedWOW’s experts’ primary focus is used medical equipment, they have an up-to-date knowledge of the latest prices, enabling them to conduct highly-effective price negotiations, and ultimately passing on these savings to the buyers.

To learn more about MedWOW’s Professional Purchasing Service click here: MedWOW Professional Purchasing Service

Can Used Medical Equipment be Safely Purchased Online?

MedWOW.com, an innovative online marketplace specifically designed for used medical equipment professionals, establishes trust between buyers and sellers in the used medical equipment market, with its Inspections Service.

June 9, 2009 - Used medical equipment can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for health institutions looking to equip their clinics, hospitals, or rehabilitation centers, especially in loom of the global financial recession. As a result, international key-players in the used medical equipment industry are increasingly turning to the internet to find the equipment that they are looking for. While the internet offers immediate options and opens doors to many possibilities, buyers must be very wary when making purchases, as the majority of websites catering to this niche market do not have the means of guaranteeing the condition of devices sold through their websites.

The cost of second hand medical equipment can be very high, and its performance can be a vital factor contributing to the devices effectiveness in treating patients, and potentially saving lives. Therefore, buyers cannot solely depend on the seller’s word that the equipment is in a “great condition,” and most often invest a great deal of their own time and effort in verifying that the device they are looking to purchase operates correctly. This can often be a very long and complicated process, that buyers may not know even how to get underway, especially for international purchases.

MedWOW.com, an online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment, offers a convenient solution which facilities buyers and sellers to guarantee the condition of used medical equipment traded online.

Amongst many innovative features, the site offers a one-of-a-kind pre-purchase inspection service, to allow buyers to guarantee the condition of the item prior to making a purchase.

The site has an established Global Inspectors Network that offers buyers and sellers the option to have various types of inspections performed on items of used medical equipment, prior to finalizing a transaction. The inspectors are carefully selected on the basis of a variety of mandatory parameters, including: their manufacturer certification, previous industry experience, technical specialization, geographic location and more.

Since the inspection service operates on a global scale, it greatly facilitates the trade between users in different countries. Therefore, users that are making a purchase with a seller from another country should feel comfortable with their purchase.

Each specific device has its own set of professionally compiled inspection forms, and users can select from a variety of different inspection forms or submit their own customized form.

Additionally, users can also choose from a variety of technical supervision services that can be performed to guarantee that the item is properly dismantled and packaged prior to shipping.

The inspections can be ordered by buyers prior to making a purchase or by sellers prior to selling an item, with the inspection report made available to potential buyers on the website. In either case the service reinforces trust and peace-of-mind and greatly reduces the potential for future conflict between both sides of the transaction.

Perhaps one of the most convenient elements of the entire process is that it is entirely managed by MedWOW online. Therefore users do not have to invest any time or effort, yet are protected from the risks of purchasing faulty items.

MedWOW’s main goal is to provide its users with a safe and secure platform to buy and sell used medical equipment online. Aside from the inspection services, the site also offers escrow services, mediation and arbitration services, and a rating program to promote ethical trading.

To learn more about MedWOW’s inspection services click here: Inspection Services

Buy Used Medical Equipment on MedWOW.com

MedWOW is now available in French

The release of MedWOW's French version will bring about a world of possibilities for the French speaking market, significantly increasing business opportunities. In addition, users from countries around the world can now easily trade used medical equipment with the French speaking market.
The French language addition is just one of MedWOW's many efforts in facilitating buyers, sellers, and service providers with the global trade of used medical equipment.

MedWOW's Forum Launch

MedWOW.com, an innovative online marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment, recently released a Forum for medical equipment professionals to discuss relevant industry topics.

Used medical equipment professionals from around the world now have a source to turn to for significant industry discussions thanks to the release of MedWOW’s Forum.

The Forum is just one of MedWOW’s many efforts aimed at facilitating buyers, sellers and service providers with the global trade of used medical equipment.

The site has seen a substantial increase in users since the recent launch of its new design. The Forum is yet another new feature aimed at providing members with a platform to initiate discussions, ask questions, and offer suggestions regarding significant industry topics.

Given that one of MedWOW’s most unique features is its completely multilingual interface, the same principle is incorporated into the Forum. Language barriers between international users of the Forum are eliminated through a translation tool, which enables users to write and view posts in any language.

Perhaps one of the Forum’s most innovative features is its sophisticated search capabilities, which assists users in easily finding their topics of interest. Users have access to relevant posts at their finger tips, since all posts on the Forum can be easily classified and found by medical equipment item type, category, device, manufacturer, and model. Similarly, links leading to related topics can be conveniently found.

From technical troubleshooting to product reviews, MedWOW’s Forum will soon be “the source” for relevant used medical equipment discussions.

To learn more about MedWOW’s Forum please, click here.

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