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MedWOW is THE multilingual online marketplace for trading medical equipment and connecting buyers and sellers globally.

Hundreds of thousands of complete systems, parts, accessories, and medical supplies are posted for sale and auction!

The user-friendly, international website connects buyers, sellers and service providers of medical equipment from all over the world by offering: comprehensive professional services, unprecedented reliability, multilingual customer support and top value.

New Guidebook Helps Used Medical Equipment Buyers Make Informed Purchases

Are you a hospital administrator, department head, or otherwise involved in the purchasing of medical equipment? Would you like to get the most out of your used medical equipment purchases?

“A Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment” is specifically geared at educating individuals responsible for purchasing used medical equipment with the elements that they need to be aware of, prior to making purchases.

The guide is being distributed by MedWOW.com, a leading online marketplace for buying and selling used medical equipment. The site, which has received acclaim for its innovative tools aimed at facilitating the online trade of used medical equipment, developed this guide in response to the countless requests that they received from buyers seeking their professional buying assistance and advice.

The guide is the result of extensive research and conclusions conducted by MedWOW.com and its affiliated team of medical equipment experts, doctors, technicians, and engineers from around the world.

Written as a guideline, this book provides you with thousands of buying tips for over 200 of the most common medical devices used in clinics, hospitals, labs, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities. Moreover, the tips include emphasis on the important features, specifications, and capabilities to consider for each medical device.

Examples of tips you can find in this book include tips for buying CT scanners:
“Before buying a CT system, facilities must evaluate patient population, clinical needs, and desired throughput. Low-volume facilities, for example, will not benefit much from the more efficient use of the x-ray tube on a 16-slice scanner to justify its replacement cost.”
To purchase the Professional Guide to Purchasing Used Medical Equipment please follow the link below:


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