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Medical Facilities Turn To Refurbished Medical Equipment for Cost Effective and Reliable Solutions

A common factor that all medical facilities share (regardless of their size, specialization, location, etc.) is their ongoing need to possess quality medical equipment. One might believe that medical institutions containing high-end equipment in their facilities may have likely invested a great deal of capital into those devices. However, this may not always be the case, especially if the facility went the refurbished route when selecting its medical equipment.

Refurbished medical equipment continues to be a popular choice for economically minded facilities that wish to replace or add to their existing medical equipment without sacrificing on quality. The price point of refurbished medical equipment can sometimes be in less than half of the price that the device would go for if purchased new.

Additionally, refurbished medical equipment can be in “like new“ condition, since experienced biomedical engineers perform the refurbishing process, and continuously test each device to ensure that it complies with manufacturer safety and performance standards.

In medical equipment terms, devices that have been refurbished may have undergone one or both of the following types of services: visual refurbishment and/or major parts replacement. A device that has been visually refurbished has been tested and is in fully functional condition, but has received a visual enhancement, such as a paintjob; whereas a device that has undergone a major parts replacement has been tested and is in fully functional condition due to an internal enhancement to the device - the system has had its major parts replaced, not necessarily with original parts.

MedWOW.com - a leading online marketplace for pre-owned medical equipment, assists facilities in finding and purchasing refurbished medical equipment. The site is designed to help facilities find the equipment that they require (which can often times be acquired at the fraction of cost that the device would sell for new) by exposing them to the thousands of items listed on the site by medical equipment sellers from all over the world.

In addition to providing medical facilities with access to refurbished medical equipment deals that they may have otherwise not had access to, MedWOW also provides services, which help ensure that the refurbished medical equipment being purchased through the site is in optimal condition. The site’s inspection service allows facilities to guarantee a device’s condition by enabling them to order from a variety of inspection services that can be preformed on a device prior to closing a deal with a seller.

MedWOW also offers facilities thousands of used medical equipment, parts & accessories, including items classified as: as is, remanufactured and never-used.

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