About MedWOW

MedWOW is THE multilingual online marketplace for trading medical equipment and connecting buyers and sellers globally.

Hundreds of thousands of complete systems, parts, accessories, and medical supplies are posted for sale and auction!

The user-friendly, international website connects buyers, sellers and service providers of medical equipment from all over the world by offering: comprehensive professional services, unprecedented reliability, multilingual customer support and top value.

Used Medical Equipment Industry Expanding to Worldwide Market

The second hand medical equipment market has seen a significant rise in demand, especially in loom of the global economic recession. As a result, professionals in this industry have realized that there is tremendous potential in the international market. Expanding to the global market has several advantages for both buyers and sellers alike – buyers can purchase equipment, which may not be available in their countries, while sellers can increase their sales and profits by selling their items in various markets at various price points, depending on each market’s demand for their medical equipment.

While utilizing the international market has its clear benefits, it also has barriers which has hindered many professionals wishing to broaden their business exposure, from entering the international market. Language barriers are perhaps one of the most prominent obstacles that impede these professionals, as they hinder communications between buyers and sellers from countries speaking different languages and ultimately prevent them from closing deals.

MedWOW, a rapidly growing used medical equipment marketplace, has realized the need for a global solution, and therefore developed a website, where users from around the world can buy or sell used medical equipment. The site was established with a goal of facilitating with international trade, and includes features and services intended to eliminate obstacles that industry professionals have faced thus far.

Perhaps one of MedWOW’s major advantages is its completely multilingual interface - the entire site was professionally translated and is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian. In addition, each listing on the site can be translated into all languages.

MedWOW has also developed a useful multilingual Questions and Answers feature, where users from different speaking countries can communicate with one another in their preferred language. A buyer can use this feature to ask a seller questions from list of professionally compiled questions that are specifically written for each device, or write his/her own question in the free-text question field. The seller then receives the questions, which have been automatically translated into his/her preferred language, and submits a response. The response is then retranslated into the buyer’s language and is sent to the buyer for review.

Another convenient feature for MedWOW’s international users is its currency convertor, which is updated on a daily basis, allowing them to view prices in their preferred currency, selected from a list of all international currencies.

Due to the site’s tremendous progress, MedWOW.com is currently being translated into German and Japanese, in its efforts to assist the markets with their heavy demand for used medical equipment.

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