About MedWOW

MedWOW is THE multilingual online marketplace for trading medical equipment and connecting buyers and sellers globally.

Hundreds of thousands of complete systems, parts, accessories, and medical supplies are posted for sale and auction!

The user-friendly, international website connects buyers, sellers and service providers of medical equipment from all over the world by offering: comprehensive professional services, unprecedented reliability, multilingual customer support and top value.

Sophisticated Search Engine for Used Medical Equipment

It is no surprise that the ecommerce age is well underway. Countless consumers and businesses have realized that the internet offers quick, simple and convenient solutions that can save time and money. Consequently, an increasing number of used medical equipment professionals have jumped onboard the trend of ecommerce to buy and sell used medical equipment online. The internet gives this market instant access to the used medical equipment that they require, which may have taken days to locate otherwise.

Since the main objective of turning to the web is saving time, it is essential that a website has the ability to offer its users quick results.

At MedWOW.com we operate an online marketplace which gives used medical equipment professionals the quick results that they sought after by turning to the internet. We offers users quick, precise, and relevant results for their searches, through its sophisticated, yet easy-to-use search engine.

The site has implemented the latest technology by offering its users the capability to search through an extensive catalog of used medical equipment, with three different search options.

The ‘Quick Search’ allows users to type a free-text search based on the device, manufacturer or model name, or by the part or accessory name or number. This search is capable of finding devices that may be known by more than one name (e.g. CT, CAT Scanner, Computerized Tomography Scanner, etc.) and also by different names of models or manufacturers, that are a result of the company being acquired by another company.

Those looking for more precise search results can use our website ‘Advanced Search’, which allows users to search for a specific model by selecting the specific medical category, device, manufacturer and model.

Additionally, the site’s ‘Category Search’ offers users a step-by-step search, which enables them to browse through all equipment classified under a particular category, device, manufacturer, or model.

Aside from the search options, we have implemented an innovative results page, with search filters that help users to quickly find the exact equipment that they need. Search results can be filtered by many parameters: from manufacturer, to price range, to year manufactured, to geographic location, and even to particular technical specifications (e.g. the number of slices that a CT Scanner is capable of).

To facilitate in finding the exact item, we have implemented three different used medical equipment catalogs, one for Complete Systems, one for Parts, and one for Accessories. Therefore, if a user is looking for a CT Tube (a part), he wouldn’t have to waste time browsing through CT Scanners (complete systems), which are not even relevant to him.

Needless to say, our search options and catalog are extremely valuable for medical facilities looking for quick and precise results to their used medical equipment needs. However, sellers also have access to search options that operate in the same manner, just with a Wanted Item catalog. The Wanted Item catalog includes all postings made by buyers regarding particular items that they are looking to purchase. Sellers can search this catalog to see which buyers are looking for equipment that corresponds to the inventory that they sell.

In addition to the sophisticated search engine, we developed many more innovative features specifically designed to provide online solutions for used medical equipment professionals. visit our website to learn more http://www.medwow.com

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