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Heine Optotechnik Medical Equipment

Heine Optotechnik has been developing and producing high quality diagnostic equipment for the medical industry for over 65 years. The independent, family owned company develops and manufactures virtually all of its products in-house, taking them from concept to finished product. Heine is known for the precision of its assemblies, quality and compatibility of its materials, and rigorous quality assurance process.

Heine medical equipment is divided into a number of different categories. These include equipment for general medicine, veterinary practices and ENT; ophthalmic instruments; laryngoscopes; dermatoscopes; sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes; proctology equipment; and a wide range of lights for medical applications including examination lights, headlights, loupes and fiber optic projectors.

The company’s general medicine products include otoscopes and pocket diagnostic lights. They offer a wide range of otoscope attachments for ENT specialists, including laryngeal mirrors, tongue holders and illuminators, and specially shaped ear specula and otoscopes designed for veterinarians. Heine is known for its ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes slit lamps and specialty ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. The company also produces and markets both portable and wall-mounted latex-free sphygmomanometers.

Heine offers both permanent and disposable blades for its fiber optic laryngoscopes as well as a variety of handles containing battery operated and rechargeable power sources. Some of the handles contain LEDs that are three times as bright as 3.5V halogen bulbs.

The company’s dermatoscopes are designed for examination of pigmented skin lesions and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. They are used with skin oil that makes outer layers of the skin more transparent. The company’s flagship dermatoscope, the Delta20, makes structure changes visible as well. Heine Dermatoscopes use distortion free lenses and can be combined with a digital SLR camera using an adapter to photograph lesions. Heine produces anoscopes, sigmoidoscopes and proctoscopes for proctology practices.

In addition to its light-based specialty scopes, Heine produces examination lights, loupes and headlights with standard or exceptionally high light output. The examination lights are available on wheeled stands, as wall-mounted lights or as clip-ons, and include temperature, IR and UV filters for comfort and safety. Heine binocular loupes are ideal for medical and dental exams. Magnified and non-magnified loupes are available, with a variety of adjustment and mounting options.

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