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Mobile MRI Units

Mobile MRI units provide a fast, flexible and comprehensive answer to a variety of business and clinical needs of hospitals and imaging centers.

Mobile MRI units are trailers that are specially adapted to adhere to structural and safety standards for MRI suites. In particular, they include ferrous detectors and special shielding that keeps the five gauss line within the dimensions of the unit are key elements of mobile MRI units. The units generally include a control room where the technologist station is situated; a changing area; and a technical room for system-related components as well as a safety- and RF-shielded examination room. Generators provide the power necessary to operate the scanners and to power air conditioners as well as chillers for the MRI system. The trailers are cushioned to protect sensitive equipment from vibration and shocks. Mobile MRI units may be equipped with lifts or ramps to ensure universal access.

For large hospitals that are experiencing overflow or have developed patient screening backlogs, mobile MRI units deliver up-to-date technology right to the doorstep of the hospital. The units provide short-term capacity in a complete package, with no capital investment required. Mobile MRI units are also ideal for providing bridge services to hospitals and imaging centers while new MRI systems are being installed or existing systems are upgraded. Mobile MRI units may serve veterinary clinics as well. Transportable units are a viable option for medical centers seeking long-term fixed imaging solutions.

In rural or sparsely populated areas or in situations where demand is insufficient to support a dedicated unit—or where funds are simply not available to construct an MRI facility--mobile MRI units provide a viable and cost-effective solution. A number of medical centers or hospitals may choose to share ownership of a single mobile MRI, enabling them to provide patients with diagnostic-quality imaging services without major capital investment.

Many different types of MRIs are available in mobile units, including traditional MRIs with magnet strengths of 0.5T, 1.0T and 1.5T and open MRIs with magnet strengths of 0.2T and 0.35 T. Philips Medical Systems, Siemens and GE Healthcare all offer mobile MRI units.

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  1. This mobile medical device could be used anywhere. Now if the patient cannot go to you we could go to them, or go closer to them to give more access to other places.


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