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Getinge Group Medical Equipment

The Getinge Group is a medical technology company, based in Sweden and was founded over a century ago. The company operates three divisions, with Getinge Infection Control focusing primarily on sterilizers and sterile consumables; Arjohuntleigh focusing on extended care; and Maquet Medical Systems focusing on equipment for operating theaters, intensive care units and cardiovascular care.

Getinge Infection Control supplies hospitals with equipment for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing medical instruments. Specialized systems are available that meet the unique needs of central sterile supply departments, operating rooms, endoscopy clinics, outpatient clinics, and dental and medical practices.
Arjohuntleigh develops and markets essential equipment for extended care settings, such as medical beds, hygiene systems, patient lifts, therapeutic surfaces, wound healing devices, disinfection units and products that reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis. Diagnostic products for obstetrics, vascular assessment and patient monitoring are marketed under the Huntleigh name, and medical couches are manufactured and sold under the Akron brand.
The Maquet Medical Systems division is responsible for over half of Getinge Group revenues. In 11 production units in 6 countries, it produces a wide variety of medical equipment and furniture. Maquet anesthesia systems integrate ventilators with anesthesia delivery in units that enable clinicians to maintain stable respiration even in patients with acute respiratory conditions. Standalone ventilation systems allow medical professionals to protect patients’ lungs while managing and relieving respiratory distress.
Maquet cardiovascular products support cardiothoracic surgeons during coronary bypass and cardiac revascularization procedures. These essential products include blood monitoring sensors and systems, a large variety of catheters and cannulae, centrifugal pump systems, membrane oxygenators, miniature mechanical circulatory support systems, blood temperature control devices and heart-lung machines. Maquet also develops and markets a perfusion data recording system.
The company’s heart-lung support systems include the world’s smallest complete portable system, which was designed to allow safe transporting of patients within and between hospitals, as well as for use in ICUs, cath labs and ORs. Through the recent acquisition of Datascope, Maquet Medical Systems added intra-aortic balloon pump systems and vascular prosthetics to its product portfolio.
In addition to providing equipment and solutions for cardiac and vascular surgery, Maquet is the world’s leading supplier of operating room equipment, including operating tables, OR lights, ceiling supply units, surgical assist systems and suction/tapping systems.

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