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Philips Medical Equipment

Philips Healthcare is a division of Royal Philips Electronics, a Netherlands-based company that focuses on lifestyle and lighting products as well as healthcare. Together with GE Medical Systems and Siemens Medical, it dominates the worldwide medical equipment market.

Philips was a pioneering developer and manufacturer of x-ray tubes for medical applications. In 1998, the company made a strategic decision to expand its activities in the medical equipment market and founded the Philips Healthcare division to execute on this strategy. The division has grown rapidly by acquiring leading companies in the fields of imaging, nuclear medicine, cath lab monitoring and reporting systems, resuscitation systems and remote diagnostics for home health care.
The health care division operates in four areas: imaging systems, patient care and clinical informatics, home healthcare solutions and customer services. It is based in the US and owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Europe, the US, Israel, China and Brazil.
Philips offers imaging systems that utilize a wide range of modalities to create detailed two- and three-dimensional images of various parts of the body for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Advanced Philips imaging systems include CT scanners, diagnostic and interventional fluoroscopy, interventional x-ray, PET/CT, SPECT/CT, radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound systems. The imaging portfolio includes sophisticated image and information management solutions as well. Portable as well as fixed-locations systems are available.
Philips' Health Care patient care and clinical informatics units cover patient monitoring, respiratory care, perinatal care and cardiac care. The company provides emergency care solutions, including advanced life support, automated external defibrillators, cardiac resuscitation systems and therapeutic temperature management; clinical informatics systems; ventilators; radiation oncology solutions and patient monitoring systems, including fetal and maternal monitors.
Philips’ home healthcare portfolio includes solutions for sleep management, respiratory care and non-invasive ventilation, focusing on treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Medical alert services and medication dispensing services form the backbone of the company’s independent living offerings, and ensure caregiver peace of mind as well as patient safety. Remote monitoring solutions enable hundreds of thousands of patients with mechanical heart valves to avoid anticoagulation-related complications through weekly self-testing.

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