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Advances in Cardiovascular X-ray Systems

The introduction of flat panel detectors to cardiovascular x-rays have been an important advance in increasing the speed of C-arm rotations and decreasing the time it takes for examinations. The flat panel detector converts the x-rays into signals which the computers use to produce an image. Cardiovascular X-ray Systems are particularly important in difficult or intricate procedures as they optimize the intervention and enhance the power of the entire cath lab, the examination room used to support catheterization for procedures with cardiovascular involvement.

Newer digital cardiovascular x-ray systems provide crystal-clear imaging of cardiac and vascular interventions with versatility in diagnostic imaging, providing lucid visualization of small details and objects for complex interventions. These state-of-the-art cardiovascular x-rays also have the benefit of giving much lower x-ray dosages than their predecessors, which minimizes X-ray dose for cardiac, vascular, and especially pediatric examinations. Now cardiologists can get twice the information with a single contrast injection, which is much safer and easier as it minimizes the dose of radiation to both patients and staff during x-ray examination.

These modern digital cardiovascular x-ray systems allow cardiologists to personalize their settings and conveniently control all movements and interventional tools in order to provide outstanding support for treating congenital heart disease and performing vascular examinations. One of the major advantages of this type of cardiovascular x-ray equipment is that treatment can also be carried out at the same time. Occlusion of the blood vessels can be opened by inflating a balloon catheter and if necessary, a stent can be placed to keep the vessel open.

Some of the most recent models offer navigation for cardiologists for structural heart procedures, utilizing real-time 2D x-ray images and 3D cardiac models from multiple modalities, such as vascular x-ray, CT and MR, and image stabilization features. 3D tools particularly support treatment strategies for coronary angiography procedures as 3D x-ray techniques allow easier visualization of vessels and heart. In addition, 3D angiography delivers a lower patient radiation dose, using less contrast material, as well as being faster and therefore, increasing medical facility efficiency.

Thanks to the technology used in these innovative x-ray systems, interventional procedures, vascular, and cardiovascular applications are streamlined. Because it simplifies cath lab workflow, cardiologists can now completely and more accurately focus on a wider range of cardiac patients and help them deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

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