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Everything you Need to Locate Replacement CT Parts

As you probably know, CT stands for computerized tomography, and the CT scanning system is an integrated network of CT parts that form a complex and important tool for imaging departments and clinics. Pictures of structures within the patient’s body are produced by a computer CT part that takes the data from multiple x-ray images and turns them into images on a screen. The CT scan has the capability to reveal a variety of soft-tissue and other structures that cannot be seen using conventional x-ray. Using the same amount of radiation as that of an standard x-ray machine, an entire slice of the body can be made visible with about 100x more clarity thanks to the power of the system’s CT parts.

The tomograms, also known as cuts for CT systems are usually made 5mm to 10mm apart. The CT machine rotates 180 degrees around the patient's body, sending out thin X-ray beams at 160 different points. Crystal CT parts positioned at the opposite points of the beam pick up and record the absorption rates of the varying thicknesses of tissue and bone. The data is then passed on to a computer CT part that turns the information into a 2-dimensional, cross-sectional image.

Malfunctioning of any of the CT parts can cause downtime in your imaging center, causing a backlog of patients, which is avoidable if you have a trustworthy source easily available for locating replacement CT parts. For example, CT tube lifecycles are relatively short and are among the most highly used CT parts. This makes tubes some of the most important replacement CT parts for any CT scanner system, and knowing how to replace them on short notice is critical to the successful operation of your imaging facility.

Buying used CT parts can be uncomplicated and trouble-free if you know in advance the right way to go about finding replacement CT parts of all types, as you never know when you are going to need them. If you don’t know where and how to look, finding specific used CT parts can be a bit more challenging.

MedWOW has come up with an easy-to-use and wide-ranging search engine that can find CT parts easily, even allowing you to compare and contrast competitive offers on CT parts from dealers and manufacturers from all over the world, so you can take advantage and get the very best deal possible, including negotiating on packing, shipping, inspection and other associated CT parts services.

An alternative MedWOW option to finding replacement CT parts is the portal’s unique CT Part Finder Service. In order to best serve its international population of medical equipment professionals, physicians and technicians, MedWOW formed partnerships with several of the major used CT parts suppliers throughout the world. Therefore, they can supply healthcare professionals with any available CT part from any manufacturer, make and model if it is available in almost any inventory. This means that if you are searching for a specific used CT part and are unable to find it, the MedWOW CT Parts Finder will help you with your search, and probably find it for you, at no extra cost. This includes the full range of primary CT parts, including gantry, x-ray tube, banana detector arch, computer system and CT scanner table, as well as the secondary CT parts that need to be taken into consideration.

Another efficient way to hunt for CT parts is to post a buying request on MedWOW, by filling out an online form and giving as much information as possible about the CT part you need. MedWOW attracts thousands of sellers from all over the world and so you will quickly be sent competitive CT part quotes in a short amount of time.


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