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The Benefits of Computed Radiography (CR)

Computed Radiography (CR), is a method of digitally capturing x-ray images for reading using computers and laser technology. Images are captured on imaging plates that offer flexible positioning because you can insert the imaging plates into any existing wall or table bucky, or wherever you currently use a film plate. When the image has been captured, the imaging plates are then inserted into the computed radiography (CR) reader, the image is read and stored electronically, and the imaging plate is erased and made available for the next usage. The stored computed radiography (CR) image is then available for viewing or distribution through a DICOM viewer or PACS.

Computed radiography (CR) technology uses a reusable phosphor imaging plate, which is scanned by a laser scanner after being exposed to X-ray. This technology is very similar to film in that the images need to be scanned (instead of developed like film) in order to retrieve the x-ray data. However, phosphor computed radiography (CR) plates can be erased and used over and over again to produce extremely high-definition images.

The main benefit of computed radiography (CR) systems over DR imaging systems is that the imaging plates themselves are extremely flat and flexible so they can fit into tight gaps, behind paneling and even wrapped around a target object. Computed radiography (CR) imaging plates are available in a range of different sizes at relatively low cost, so you can purchase several formats to cover a large number of different tasks.

The advantage of computed radiography (CR) systems over traditional x-ray film is that the digital image film can be used again and again so there are no regular consumable costs. X-ray images are much higher resolution and can be digitally enhanced to produce clear defined images. Images can also be stored digitally and will not fade over time. No chemicals or darkroom are needed.

Summary of the key benefits of computed radiography (CR)

  • Very high resolution forensic level imaging
  • Perfect for revealing complex electronics and circuitry
  • Extremely thin, flat, flexible imaging plates
  • Reuse image plates 1000+ times
  • Enhance and store images digitally
  • Range of image plate sizes up to 90 cm long
  • Mains/vehicle or battery powered image plate processor
  • Auto image plate erase (user selection)
  • Fast deployment at target area
  • No chemicals
  • No carousel or clips required in the imaging process
  • Complete system in a single transit case
  • Image plate processor can be used from inside transit case for all weather operation

The top marketplace for medical equipment, including computed radiography (CR) systems and other imaging equipment, MedWOW, has firmly established its place in the international market. MedWOW provides good-quality computed radiography (CR) image systems in a safe and secure trading environment. When purchasing or selling a computed radiography (CR), MedWOW has the market, the platform and the buyers. MedWOW has recently upgraded its medical equipment catalogue with various manufacturers, refurbished equipment and new and used computed radiography (CR) systems.
MedWOW represents a variety of makes and model leaders in computed radiography (CR) such as: Carestream Health, Fuji Medical Systems, Agfa, Air Techniques, CoRE labs, CR Medical, Fuji, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Orex and Radlink. These offerings include single and multi-plate systems to fit your volume and need.

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