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Better Diagnoses Thanks to Digital Tomosynthesis

Although it is steadily spreading to more applications, digital tomosynthesis is primarily used in breast imaging, where it offers better detection rates than mammography, with little extra increase in radiation exposure. Suggested uses include: visualization of pulmonary nodules, mammography, angiography, dental imaging and delineation of fractures. Because the image processing is digital, a series of slices at different depths and with different thicknesses can be reconstructed from the same acquisition, saving both time and radiation exposure. Tomosynthesis is preferable to standard planar X-ray in the following applications:
  • Nephrology
  • Mammography
  • Chest imaging
  • Orthopedics
  • Brachytherapy
  • Dental imaging
Digital tomosynthesis is a technique of generating images of slices through the body using a general radiographic X-ray system with a direct digital radiography detector. This is accomplished by obtaining a large, representative number of low-dose acquisitions across a range of projection angles of the X-ray tube. Currently, tomosynthesis is an optional add-on for suitable direct digital radiographic systems (flat panel detectors). The additional software controls the movement of the X-ray tube and the reconstruction of the images.

Modern digital RF equipment with a flat panel detector can be operated in tomosynthesis mode. In order for a flat panel detector system to carry out tomosynthesis, it requires the following:

  • Control of the smooth movement of the X-ray tube, at the required speed
  • Rapid pulsing generator
  • Modern fast flat-panel detector

There are significant advantages, from an economic point of view, for tomosynthesis, as there is a reduction in the numbers of patients needing to have CT, MRI or nuclear medicine scans. Digital tomosynthesis can effectively improve the non CT- based treatment planning in radiotherapy and are especially useful in the following fields: source localization in Brachytherapy; long -term evaluation of treatment based on follow-up and study of complications arising from the possibility to relate dose distribution to anatomy if combined with depth dose data; and cost-effectiveness of treatment planning for clinics by integration of data acquisition and treatment planning processes. However, tomosynthesis is not a replacement for CT. Rather, it is an improvement over conventional radiography by bringing in some 3D information.

As images are clearer and diagnoses more accurate using digital tomosynthesis, more and more radiography and imaging departments are increasingly taking advantage of its benefits. It is assumed that with time, tomosynthesis will be used in more applications as its effectiveness is tested and proven. If you are interested in purchasing this type of equipment, a sensible place to look is MedWOW, where you can find a large selection of all sorts of radiography and imaging equipment, as well as digital tomosynthesis-related parts from global vendors, which translates into more competitive prices and services for buyers.

When searching on MedWOW for radiographic X-ray systems, digital mammography and direct digital radiography detectors needed for tomosynthesis; go to MedWOW’s all-inclusive and intuitive search engine, which allows you to find the exact used tomosynthesis equipment that you are searching for, using filtering options such as: manufacturer, model, price range, year manufactured, location and many other filters.

Another alternative is to post a buying request for the type of digital tomosynthesis -related equipment you are looking for, by filling out a form and giving as much information as possible. MedWOW attracts sellers from all over the world and so you will likely be sent a few quotes for your selected digital tomosynthesis.

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