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Hundreds of thousands of complete systems, parts, accessories, and medical supplies are posted for sale and auction!

The user-friendly, international website connects buyers, sellers and service providers of medical equipment from all over the world by offering: comprehensive professional services, unprecedented reliability, multilingual customer support and top value.

Telemedicine is Changing the Healthcare System

Telemedicine, also referred to as mobile health (m-Health) or e-health, allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using standard telecommunications technology. Telemedicine (e-Health or m-Health) allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without having to travel.

Telemedicine provides more efficient use of limited expert resources and medical specialists who can remotely see patients in multiple locations, wherever they are needed, without leaving their facility. In industrial and developing countries, telemedicine offers a reduced cost solution to delivering remote care when and where it is needed without the building and staffing added facilities.

Telemedicine also reduces isolation that clinicians can experience in small medical facilities in distant locations. Telemedicine allows local practitioners to consult with their peers and with clinical experts when needed. Telemedicine further allows them to participate in grand rounds and education opportunities they would not normally have access to without travel and time away from their patients.

is expected to improve the quality, cost-efficiency, and access of healthcare to all people everywhere by:
  • Supporting the delivery of care tailored to individual patients
  • Improving transparency and accountability of care processes and facilitating shared care across boundaries
  • Aiding evidence-based practice and error reduction
  • Improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment appropriateness
  • Improving access to effective healthcare by reducing barriers created, for example, by physical location or disability
  • Facilitating patient empowerment for self-care and health decision making
  • Improving cost-efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing waiting times and waste.
Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health allows rapid deployment of healthcare to a developing population though relatively low cost clinics. Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health allows prison facilities to deliver high quality care without the cost and dangers of inmate transportation or the need for clinical specialist to enter the facility. Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health substantially improves access to care while substantially reducing costs. Telemedicine has proven effective for clinical as well as mental health. Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health provides support to the school nurse and allows her or his access to expert medical opinion on when it is needed. Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health allows mobile health units access to specialist expertise regardless of where either the mobile health unit or the specialist is located. Mobile health units can serve the community, send challenging cases or second opinion requests to a remote specialist for x-ray reads, diagnosis support, treatment advice, etc. to assure the local patient receives appropriate care.
The benefits for Disaster Relief are similar to rural health and mobile health. Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health allows healthcare delivery capability to move in quickly after a disaster. This allows the on-sight providers rapid access to advanced expertise and capabilities for triage and care electronically when and where it is most needed.
The mobile health services being used today have several diverse aspects. These include the possibility for almost two way information exchange and real-time communication. In addition, the access capabilities in m-health can effectively cross the distance barrier between the doctor and patient. The other aspect is the expansion of the health sector to involve private and public sector which allows new roles to appear and even nontraditional sectors like mobile network operators to get involved in an innovative way to promote and develop new ways of providing health care.
Telemedicine has become standard medical practice and is in daily use across dozens of countries. As a result, specialized telemedicine, e-Health and m-Health equipment and systems have been developed, and MedWOW has kept up with the latest technologies.

The MedWOW online portal, which is an international, multilingual (10 languages, including Chinese) medical equipment marketplace, offers a large selection of Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health systems and accessories. You can find Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health equipment for sale through MedWOW’s innovative online catalogue from: DataSpan, Siemens, Philips, GE Healthcare and more. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for on MedWOW, you can post a free buying request, and as thousands of international sellers use the site daily, you are sure to find the exact model of Telemedicine/e-Health/m-Health system that you want. 

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