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Remote High Dose Rate (HDR) Afterload Brachytherapy for Precision

Remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy is a highly-effective outpatient option that minimizes harmful side effects of oncology treatment, significantly reduces treatment and recovery times and most importantly, minimizes recurrence of many types of cancer. Brachytherapy is the standard term used for a radioactive source applied in or near a tumor. Brachy means near and therapy means treatment.

Brachytherapy is delivered by placing the radiation sources (Ir192) near the tumor. A multichannel Microselectron HDR with TCS remote afterload system is a dedicated machine which delivers radiation in and around the tumor. Brachytherapy can be used in the following:
  • Intracavitary for cancer of the cervix and uterus
  • Intraluminal for esophagus and bronchus cancer
  • Interstitial for breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma (after initial surgery), prostate and pancreatic tumors
  • Surface mold for superficial cancers, especially skin cancer
These procedures may require anesthesia, a surgical procedure and a brief stay in the hospital. Patients with permanent implants may have a few restrictions at first and then can quickly return to their normal activities. Temporary implants are left inside the patient's body for minutes, hours or days, as indicated.

Remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy involves the remote placement of the powerful radiation source, accurately directed by the radiation oncologist and team, into the tumor for several minutes through a catheter. It is usually given in multiple doses once or twice daily or once or twice weekly. The doctor and team control the remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy treatment from outside the treatment room, monitoring the patient as the therapy is being given. The high-dose-rate remote afterloading machines allow radiation oncologists to deliver a brachytherapy treatment quickly, in about 10 to 20 minutes. The patient can usually go home shortly after the procedure.

Most patients feel little discomfort during remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy. If the radioactive source is held in place with an applicator, the only discomfort during the procedure may come from the  applicator.

Depending on the type of remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy given, the patient may need to take some precautions following treatment.

Remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy may be used alone or in conjunction with external radiation treatments.

MedWOW, the multilingual global medical equipment platform, offers a buyers a selection of remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy  units for sale from inventories all over the world. Currently featuring remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy units from Varian and Nucletron Oldelft, with more being added all the time,   locating even difficult-to-find items is easier than ever.

If there is a particular Remote high dose rate (HDR) afterload brachytherapy system or part that you can’t find in MedWOW’s representative inventories, you can post a request or take advantage of any of MedWOW’s location services.

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