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GE Healthcare Medical Equipment

GE Healthcare produces equipment for a diverse range of clinical specialties and healthcare delivery environments. The company is particularly active in the areas of medical imaging, information technologies, diagnostics, and patient monitoring systems, and focuses on detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease
and neurological conditions, among others.

GE Healthcare was among the pioneers in developing advanced imaging technologies and devices. Today, they continue to produce innovative imaging solutions that use a wide variety of techniques to image virtually every organ, system and type of tissue, including computed tomography (CT) scanners, PET/CT imaging, mammography, advanced radiography and fluoroscopy systems, ultrasound and vascular imaging solutions. Imaging software makes it easier for practitioners to accurately identify anomalies, analyze function, diagnose and monitor conditions, and—importantly—design and execute interventional procedures that are highly effective, yet have minimal side effects.

For the operating room, GE Healthcare produces anesthesia delivery and surgical imaging and navigation solutions that facilitate orthopedic, vascular, pain management, general and urology procedures.

GE Healthcare’s portfolio of cardiology solutions includes equipment for imaging, catheterization and electrophysiological monitoring and treatment. Sophisticated recording solutions and workflows streamline processes and procedures, increase throughput and minimize backlogs.

Women’s health is an area of particular strength for GE Healthcare. The company’s breast health portfolio includes mammography, MRI and ultrasound systems for breast cancer screening, as well as imaging systems for therapy planning and monitoring. GE nuclear medicine and CT scanners are designed to enable early detection of heart disease in women, who may not exhibit traditional symptoms. Products for OB-GYN practitioners range from practice management systems to ultrasound products and fetal monitors.

For the nursery, GE Healthcare provides incubators, warmers and phototherapy lights as well as infant resuscitation systems.

Used and refurbished GE Healthcare equipment is widely available and represents an attractive option for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Due to its dominant position in the medical imaging field, the market for pre-owned GE imaging equipment is particularly robust.


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