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Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment

Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment
Johnson & Johnson is extremely active in the field of medical equipment, devices and diagnostics. The company markets equipment and medical devices through subsidiaries that operate under a variety of names including DePuy, BioSense, Codman & Shurtleff, Veridex, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and Advanced Sterilization Products. Through these divisions, Johnson & Johnson focuses on equipment for orthopedics, neurovascular surgery, infection prevention, diagnostics, cardiovascular disease and sports medicine, as well as for transfusion medicine and clinical laboratories. Johnson & Johnson also provides solutions for decontamination and infection prevention.

While used Johnson & Johnson medical equipment is widely available, it is primarily identified under the subsidiary brands.

Under the DePuy Mitek and Codman brands, Johnson & Johnson produces equipment for sports medicine and for surgical treatment of injuries and conditions of the joints, spine and soft tissues. DePuy Mitek specializes in technologies for pain management and minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgeries. Products include arthroscopy tools, monitoring equipment, electro-surgical generators, flow infusion systems, and standard and extended length surgical instruments.

Equipment for diagnosing, monitoring and treating cardiovascular disease and cardiac arrhythmias is marketed under the BioSense Webster brand and includes diagnostic equipment, such as cardiac mapping and ultrasound navigation systems as well as therapeutic catheter and ablation systems. The division specializes in solutions that give electro-cardiology practitioners access to 3-D real-time color-coded views of the electrical activity of the heart.

The Codman & Shurtloff subsidiary produces surgical devices and equipment for prevention, treatment and management of strokes, AVMs, brain tumors, hydrocephalus and other neurological disorders. The company also produces specialty surgical and micro-surgical equipment.

Veridex develops in-vitro diagnostic oncology products that are designed to facilitate informed decisions for better patient care. The CellSearch diagnostic platform provides tumor biology information in real-time through direct assessment of circulating tumor cells.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics provides chemistry and immunodiagnostic systems for clinical laboratories, blood banks, fetal RH screening and immunohematology applications. Advanced Sterilization Products develops and markets infection prevention products and services for healthcare facilities, including area decontamination and low-temperature sterilization solutions.


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