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Veterinary Equipment

Veterinary Equipment
A number of worldwide societal factors, including a greater number of single-person households, dropping birth rates and the animal rights movement, have resulted in a trend to humanize companion animals. This trend has resulted in an increase in veterinary treatments using costly technologies and medications, and has had significant impact on the of veterinary equipment field.
The emergence of animal health care as a billion dollar industry has led many equipment manufacturers to design specialized product lines for veterinary use from the ground up. However, many veterinarians continue to equip their clinics with both new and used medical equipment.

The unregulated nature of the veterinary care market makes it extremely attractive to manufacturers of medical equipment. Reimbursement plays no role in the selection of equipment and supplies for veterinary practices and together with the lack of federal regulations, makes the veterinary market highly profitable.

Perhaps the greatest change in recent years is the increased use of imaging equipment in veterinary practices. Veterinarians regularly utilize ultrasound, digital X-ray, CT, teleradiography, MRI and dental diagnostic equipment—virtually every type of imaging used for humans. While, veterinarians often simply adapt medical systems for use with animals, in some cases specialized veterinary equipment is essential. For instance, veterinary PET transmitters must be waterproof, unlike medical PETs and ultrasound gels must be able to transmit images clearly, even when used on fur.

Almost all veterinary clinics require standard operating room equipment such as autoclaves, lights, operating tables, anesthesia machines and surgical monitoring devices, as well as lab equipment.

Up-to-date used equipment that is in good condition can have a significant impact on the bottom line of veterinary clinics, in often surprising ways. Equipment that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance can reduce the labor costs of a practice and provide rapid return on investment. Digital X-ray and imaging systems reduce the time and labor required to develop and read images, and allows images to be filed using efficient, space-saving electronic document storage systems. Rapid throughput and portability enable veterinarians to diagnose and treat more animals, more accurately, in less time than ever before.


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