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Abbott Laboratories Medical Equipment

Abbott Laboratories is a global healthcare products company that is based in northern Illinois. Abbott develops, manufactures and sells diagnostic equipment as well as medical devices for vision care, diabetes care and treatment of vascular disorders.

Abbott Laboratories is a leading provider of immunoassays and blood screening equipment. Instruments and tests produced by its Core Laboratory Diagnostics unit are used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories to diagnose and monitor infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes and heart disease and to protect blood supplies in blood banks and hospitals.

The company’s point of care diagnostics equipment provides instant data inputs for patient care right at the bedside in real time based on a small blood sample from a finger-stick. Wireless capabilities enable remote consultation through easy sharing of test results. i-STAT systems provide information for routine diagnostics as well as diagnosis of cardiac conditions.

Highly sensitive molecular diagnostics are screening tests designed to ensure that every individual cancer patient receives the therapy or combination of therapies that will be most efficacious, based on the specific molecular structure of his or her disease. Abbott Laboratories currently offers molecular diagnostics for breast and lung cancers and is developing similar tests for additional types of cancer.

Abbott Laboratories equipment for treatment of vascular disorders include drug-eluting stents designed to establish and maintain blood flow in clogged arteries as well as bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, which are sold under the Absorb name. Additional vascular care products include mitral clips for repairing mitral valve leaks, carotid stents, guide wires, devices that protect against emboli and vessel closures.

For diabetes care, Abbott Laboratories offers fast, accurate and easy-to-use blood glucose monitors, including a recently introduced monitor that features an integrated meal-time insulin calculator. Blood glucose monitors are sold under the FreeStyle, Precision and Xceed brand names.

Abbott Laboratories is also active in the ophthalmic products market, with products ranging from consumer eye drops and lens solutions to professional LASIK surgery systems. The company markets phacoemulsification systems for sculpting and emulsifying cataracts as well as excimer and femtosecond laser systems for refractive surgery to correct myopia and astigmatism.

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