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Siemens AG medical equipment

Siemens Healthcare is a division of Siemens AG, a multinational corporation that is based in Germany and active in areas including energy, industry and infrastructure as well as in healthcare. Siemens Healthcare has been a leader in the field for over 130 years.

The company’s healthcare division focuses on innovative medical equipment for imaging, laboratory diagnostics, IT solutions and therapy. Siemens Healthcare has more than 51,000 employees around the globe and annual revenues of 12.5 billion euros. The company’s five subdivisions provide medical equipment in five areas: Clinical Products, Customer Solutions, Diagnostics, Imaging and Therapy Solutions, and Audiology Solutions.

Siemens Healthcare Clinical Products unit develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment that enables medical professionals to quickly ad accurately detect and diagnose diseases and disorders using imaging techniques such as angiography, CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, MRI, mammography, molecular imaging, x-ray and more. The company recently introduced an innovative scanner that integrates PET and MRI imaging and allows physicians to assess the position, metabolic activity and functioning of organs based on a single scan. Each year, 800 million imaging procedures are performed using Siemens equipment.

The Customer Solutions subdivision develops integrated solutions, such as the Global Health Information Network, that leverage the company’s extensive products portfolio. Customer solutions are tailored to address the unique requirements and opportunities created by each country and region’s healthcare services.

The Imaging and Therapy Systems unit develops therapeutic systems that increase treatment accuracy, reduce patient discomfort and lower costs of treatment and recovery. Siemens imaging and therapy equipment enables minimally invasive interventions to replace many traditional surgical procedures, vastly reducing recovery periods as well as surgical complications. Imaging and Therapy Systems boost surgical success rates by providing superior visualization of the areas on which surgeons operate and enable cancer therapies to be precisely targeted, so that they are more gentle yet highly effective . Siemens develops and markets therapy systems for cardiac electrophysiology, radiation oncology, urology and hearing.

Siemens Diagnostics provides in-vitro diagnostic systems and IT solutions for independent labs as well as labs in hospitals and physicians’ offices and at point-of-care. The company’s Audiology Solutions provide hearing aids and other solutions for improving hearing and communication, including 20% of all hearing aids that are sold in the US.

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