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St. Jude Medical Equipment

St. Jude Medical is a leading producer of medical technology and services for cardiology, neurology and chronic pain management practitioners and patients throughout the world. Founded in 1976, the company is based in St. Paul, Minnesota and has over 16,000 employees. St. Jude Medical develops advanced technologies with the aim of reducing medical costs while providing excellent patient care.

Cardiac rhythm management (CRM), the largest of the company’s five areas of activity, accounts for almost 70% of its billings. Other areas of focus include atrial fibrillation, cardiac surgery, cardiology and neuromodulation.

St. Jude Medical’s line of CRM products includes pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. The company’s novel quadripolar pacing technology, which received FDA approval in 2011, enhances physicians’ ability to manage pacing complications without resorting to surgical revisions to reposition leads. Leading products include the small, high-energy Ellipse ICD and the Accent MRI pacemaker, which is ideal for patients who require an MRI-safe system.

Cutting edge St. Jude Medical electrophysiology equipment and technology for diagnostic and therapeutic use includes ablation systems, advanced mapping systems, bradycardia technology, CRTs and CRT leads, EP recording systems, imaging systems and a wide range of mapping, diagnostic and ablation catheters including the Livewire, Therapy and Safire lines.

For cardiology and cardiac surgery, St. Jude Medical has developed and markets introducers, catheters, mechanical heart valves, tissue heart valves, valve repair equipment, and vascular closure devices.

In the neuromodulation field, St. Jude Medical has been a leader in spinal cord stimulators for treatment of pain. Equipment includes implantable pulse generators, radio frequency systems, a programming platform and a variety of leads and anchors. The company has also developed innovative deep brain stimulation technology for treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The system is in use in Europe and undergoing advanced clinical trials in the US. Neuromodulation technology for treating migraines has also being introduced recently to the European market.

St. Jude Medical’s cardiovascular equipment includes systems for renal denervation and PCI optimization as well as pacemakers, CRTs, vascular plugs, valves and more. The Ilumien PCI optimization system integrates fractional flow reserve and optical coherence tomography technologies to optimize percutaneous coronary intervention. The company’s portfolio includes equipment for transcatheter valve and renal denervation and systems for percutaneous mitral valve repair.

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